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You may not fully understand what a travel consultant does. Here’s why my clients like working with me and come back again and again:

i. First, I protect their precious vacation dollars and hours. I’ve been there, seen the resorts, know the locations and I take time to get to know my clients as well as possible. So I do a great job at matching them with the right experience. I’d hate to see them wasting money on the wrong vacation, even if it is a great deal.

ii. Second, I save them a lot of time and hassle. There is so much information on the internet these days and it’s hard to know what’s accurate and what’s not. Thanks to my expertise, I know the options far better than most and I am able to zero in on the best options very quickly. In addition, I’m the one that sits on hold, checks fares, prices, etc saving them hours and hours of mindless time.

iii. Third, I can get them special treatment they can’t get on their own. Thanks to my relationships with travel suppliers, I can often get amenities, upgrades and other special VIP touches that my clients don’t have access to. So even though many “do-it-yourself” vacationers may pat themselves on the back for saving the $100, I often get my clients special amenities worth way more than that.

iv. Fourth, my job doesn’t stop when they book their travel. I go the extra mile to make find great restaurants I know they will love and book the reservations, book extra special activities, golf tee times, shore excursions, and I love adding my own surprise touches. I also prepare my clients for travel, so there are no surprises. I check if their passports are current, help them with packing advice, and even tipping guidelines.

v. Finally, I’m 1 phone call away. If my clients experience unexpected surprises during their travel like a missed connection, they know they have just 1 phone call to make and I will take care of the rest. Just try getting help from one of the online mega-agencies!!!

Are you ready to relax and enjoy your vacation with nothing to worry about?  If you’re looking for a quick getaway to rejuvenate, then fill out the client profile to your right to get started.  

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