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Looking to plan memorable flawless luxury vacation. We provide our clients with exceptional VIP Concierge Customer Service when planning a vacation. Give one of our vacation planners a call TODAY  to get started or schedule a meeting NOW!


Exotic Destinations

Discover the beauty of Asia in Globus' many vacations to this captivating continent. If you've ever wanted to walk the Great Wall of China or cruise the Yangtze River,

European Vacations

Think about all the great things you plan to do on your vacation. Now picture it going perfectly. That's what it feels like to tour. Bypassing the waiting lines at attractions, enjoying the company

Family Vacations

A Beaches Vacation has something for everyone in your family to enjoy, from land and water activities to fine dining luxurious family-friendly suites.

Destination Weddings

Walk the path less traveled. Discover the magic and beauty of a distant land. See the world through someone else’s eyes.

Luxury Vacations

Have you been dreaming of  getting away to an exotic destination receiving the VIP treatment getting pampered from dawn to dusk.

Travels Around The World

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There is so much to do in Las Vegas that you could try something new every day of the week and not step foot in a casino.  Here are some ideas for your next Vegas trip: Zip Line Over Old Las Vegas With an incredible view of Old Las Vegas, you can zip line across […]

dest wed

Weddings are a time of new beginnings.  But where joy should be, sometimes there is stress.  A lot of stress.  Finding a banquet hall, interviewing caterers, choosing the wedding party, finding a dress, tailor, limousine, florist, etc.  It can all get to be too much.  Some couples have decided they want no parts of that […]


Have you ever dreamed of visiting the Holy Land with you family and friends or church ministries? Your dreams can become a reality. Why should you lead your church group to Israel? A trip to the Holy Land is the single greatest supplement to the study of God’s Word. It will change the way you […]


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