We are a full-service luxury travel agency creating a one-of-a-kind luxury vacation experience. We know planning a trip can be daunting with so many online travel websites available. As travel professionals we build trust to establish lasting relationships.

Our clients' wants and needs are extremely important to us. Our luxury travel advisors ask lots of questions to learn about the clients’ interests and what makes them happy when traveling. We are available for them whenever they need us.

We’re always striving to provide our clients with the most insightful, stress-free travel experiences that they can have to fulfill their dream vacations.  We want them to return happy with a lifetime of unforgettable memories to share. All of our clients are treated like celebrities.

We are in the business of fulfilling every client’s dreams and providing them with unforgettable experiences. Contact us today for your free consultation to help plan you next dream vacation! 







Meet Chevelle

Greetings, my name is Chevelle German the owner of JEK Travels Agency. We are a small base agency that provides seamless vacation experiences worldwide. Life has a way of passing even the most vivacious people by, thanks, mainly, to the hassles of work, family and other obligations. Sometimes, the best way to slow down and actually enjoy this miracle we call life is to plan a travel adventure.

I am eager to help my clients accomplish exactly that, whether it means arranging for a romantic cruise or all-inclusive getaway, an international escorted tour or a family adventure.

I began my career as a travel consultant while still active in the military. Charged with the task of organizing travel expeditions for soldiers based in a variety of locations, I made it a point to help arrange amazing memorable vacations when they were ready to take a vacation. While conducting the necessary research for these trips, I had the opportunity to visit several gorgeous destinations. I immediately caught the travel bug and decided that, upon retirement from the military, I wanted to continue planning trips for those in need of a break from the stressors of day-to-day life.

Our trips we curate are focused on family travel,  romantic getaways, group travel, and creating ultimate destination weddings and honeymoons for our bridal couples. .I am especially passionate about helping couples reignite that special spark while enjoying the natural beauty of the Caribbean islands. Certified as a Cruise Specialists, All-Inclusive Specialists, Luxury Travel Specialist and Jamaica Travel Specialist, I boast the travel experience and in-depth knowledge needed to make each Caribbean trip spectacular

Mark Twain once dared his fans to explore, dream and discover. Over the years, I've found that the best way to abide by this advice is to travel the world.

My consultations are free so break free from your dull routine and start planning your dream vacation -- you won't regret it!




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