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You finally made plans to visit Jamaica one of the most loves Caribbean destinations to visit. The island if full of adventure something for every traveler to enjoy from a toddler to an adult. If its your first time visiting you will fall in love and for the season travelers it like coming back home. […]

Aruba Adventure

One of the amazing stops in port while cruising is Ahhh Aruba with the 82 degree weather year round and the clear blue water inviting you in to take a dip. You will have plenty to do while in port from 8am to 11pm an entire day.  Check out the amazing Aruba Beach, go snorkeling, […]

The Dominican Republic: More Than Just Resorts

Hey there, is visiting the Dominican Republic on your list of things to do. I’ve sent countless clients  and they came back with rave reviews of the resorts and visiting with the locals. I love to see the excitement and enthusiasm in their voices from their week long vacation or short and sweet weekend getaway […]


Do you like to travel and explore new destinations? Do you have family and friends that would be interested in traveling with you to different destinations?  What if I told you that you could travel for FREE. Yes, you heard me right for FREE! If you have a group of 20 or more family and friends […]

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