Girls Trip Getaway

Girls Trip

Hey Girlfriend Hey, 2020 has been rough on everyone with some losing our jobs, trying to find ways to make ends meet and not being able to travel during the pandemic. By hey let’s go into 2021 with a bang and start the year off right with making travel plans to make up for lost time in 2020.

Girls Trip

Family life, juggling jobs probably has you stressed to the max. When was the last time you  took some time just for you hanging with friends, or getting pampered at the spa. It’s been that long huh, we have you covered with our Girls Cancun Getaway at the Temptation Resort.  No need to think about it just click the link below and join the  Girls Trip to  Cancun on Jun 25-28, 2021. 


Girls Trip Tempation resort

Ladies this a Fri-Mon trip for short weekend getaway to unwind let your hair down and enjoy yourselves. Lots of activities of non-stop fun, it will be team no sleep party vibes. You can join in on the resort daily activities and theme parties or if you want a little quiet time head to the beach. This will be a stress-free weekend that  you will enjoy with your friends and of course meet new traveling friends. Click here to join in on the fun and book your reservation.





Christmas In Mexico

Christmas in Mexico

Christmas in Mexico with family, sounds nice huh. It doesn’t have to be a thought in your head. It can become a reality. I just spent 5 wonderful days in Playa de Carmen, Mexico at the Sandos Playacar Beach Resort All-Inclusive with my family. It was a surprise getaway one of the kids Christmas presents. 

We departed from different locations Charlotte, NC and Baltimore, MD arriving around the same time in Cancun. Going through immigration was a breeze as we had already completed our immigration online and printed it off to show. We didn’t have to fill out the paperwork on the plane as it was already completed.

Once we finished with immigration we sailed through baggage claim to pick up our bags and headed outside for our amazing Lomas representatives . Now we arrived in different Terminals but the process was the same. We had private transfers waiting for us, they picked everyone up first at terminal 3 then came around to terminal 1 to pick up the rest of the party.

It was party now once we had everyone onward to the resort, no stops in between for private transfers. You will see the time share sharks inside the terminal calling you to come over saying we can help or something of the sorts. I always tell my clients to ignore them you will waste your precious vacation hours and you want to get to your resort and head to the beach or lay by the pool.



Lomas  always wait down at the end with a sign with your name and JEK Travels Logo. You will be walked to your private vehicle to check-in and do the usually protocol of wiping down your luggage and giving you one of many pumps of hand sanitizer. Safety is a top priority for the clients as well as the staff.


Upon arriving to Sandos Playacar the concierge took our luggage and we sanitized our shoes and hands and went into the main lobby for check-in. The check-in process is a breeze, all passports are collected and scanned. The main person in the group for each room will fill out a health form with the basic questions easy peasy. 


If you arrive early and your room isn’t quite ready the concierge has your bags you will get your bracelet on and you can go grab a bite to eat and start enjoying the resorts awesome amenities. The rooms are ready by 3pm sometimes earlier, but hey you’re in paradise already and vacation has begun.


The resort has amenities for everyone to enjoy of all ages. The teen center with their own pool table and wall to wall TV’s to play video games of their liking. Various restaurants to select from for those that are foodies, coffee lovers they cupcake cafe serves your coffee and offer a selection of bakery goods.



The beach is lovely the stretch of white sand and the blue ocean calling you to jump in. If the ocean isn’t your thing hang out in the adults only section pool area and soak up the rays. For families you have your very on family section with the infinity pool and the kids water park is right beside it so the kids can play while mom and dad are in the family pool at the swim up bar.

If you love doing water activities the resort has various free water activities that are included for your all-inclusive resort stay. Before spending a lot of money on excursions always check-out the free amenities being offered by the resort.


If you’re looking to book your next family trip, quick getaway for the holidays check out our services to book your next getaway. Plus one of the benefits if you plan a year out you can do the flexible budget payment plan. Once your selected date rolls around all you have to do is pack your bags and catch your flight.


Aruba Adventure

One of the amazing stops in port while cruising is Ahhh Aruba with the 82 degree weather year round and the clear blue water inviting you in to take a dip. You will have plenty to do while in port from 8am to 11pm an entire day.  Check out the amazing Aruba Beach, go snorkeling, for those that love an adventure do the North Coast Jeep Safari or the Kukoo Kunuku Open Air Bus and Beach Break. 

De Palm Island & Snorkel Day Pass:

For you water lovers here is your chance to escape in paradise on the tropical island. Enjoy the white sandy beach and explore the coral reefs and tropical fish. 

North Coast Jeep Safari:

Who doesn’t like a good adventure get the adrenaline flowing. Go offhand and explore Aruba’s North Coast in the open air 4WD Land Rover for a fun-filled 4 hours. 

Kukoo Kunuku Open Air Bus and Beach Break:

Great if you love seeing some of the famous landmarks that Aruba has to offer.

Get into the spirit as you follow the beat of the Caribbean music as you travel  along the beaten path to take in breathtaking views of the countryside.


If Aruba is on your list of travels join JEK Travels on our 8 Day Southern Caribbean Cruise next year Jun 27-Jul 5, 2020. We have low deposit and flexible payment plans. You will get to visit different countries during the cruise.


The Dominican Republic: More Than Just Resorts

Hey there, is visiting the Dominican Republic on your list of things to do. I’ve sent countless clients  and they came back with rave reviews of the resorts and visiting with the locals. I love to see the excitement and enthusiasm in their voices from their week long vacation or short and sweet weekend getaway to rejuvenate. 

When many people think of the Caribbean, they think of great resorts, Jamaica, and Cuba. But what they don’t realize is that the most popular destination in the Caribbean is the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is on an island that is shared with Hispaniola and Haiti and it sees over 6 million visitors a year. This results in 2 million more than Cuba. This Caribbean destination has a lot more to offer visitors than your run-of-the-mill resort. The Dominican Republic has a lot more to offer than just resorts.

Here are some great things to see on your trip to D.R.

Scenic Locations And National Parks

Lake Enriquillo- Lake Enriquillo is the only saltwater lake throughout the Antilles. It is located in the center of the Parque Nacional Isla Cabritos and is a haven for wildlife. It is one of the largest natural reserves for the American crocodile.

Eastern National Park- This World Heritage Sites is one of the largest marine parks in the Caribbean. Rhinoceros iguanas, bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles, and manatees are just some of the amazing wildlife that visitors will get to experience when they visit Eastern National Park.

Bahia de las Aguilas and Jaragua National Park- The picturesque turquoise waters that line this 6-mile stretch of beach is best accessed by boat from the small village of La Cueva. Its’ marine life and amazing views will make for memories that you couldn’t possibly forget anytime soon.

Jarabacoa- Jarabacoa is best known as an area ripe for ecotourism and the location of the Dominican Republic’s only whitewater river, the Rio Yaque del Norte. The terrain, rivers, and waterfalls make it perfect for adventurous activities like hiking, climbing, and mountain biking.

Samana Peninsula and Bay- This peninsula and bay are lined with beautiful mangroves, caves, rock formations, and one of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic. It is also home to the Parque Nacional Los Haitises. Marine life is present in this area year-round including mother humpback whales giving birth in January and February.

Cultural Locations

Basilica of Our Lady- The Basilica de Nuestra Senora de la Altagracia is an amazing example of modern architecture. This is one of the leading sites of pilgrimage in Latin America as it hosts a huge mass every January 21st.

Santo Domingo- This is the bustling capital of the Dominican Republic. It is a mix of its’ Spanish colonial past and the present times. Visitors here can see the oldest cathedral in the Western Hemisphere, aptly named, the First Cathedral of America. There is also the World Heritage Site known as Zona Colonial (Colonial City). Its’ cobblestone streets and colonial architecture make it a site to be seen. For more modern viewings, there is the Plaza de la Cultura where you can see the Palace of Fine Arts, the National Palace, and the Museum of Modern Art.

The resorts may be a great place to stay when visiting the Dominican Republic, but they surely are not the end all be all. If you are looking to get a real sense of what the country has to offer, you will need to leave the resort. Do some research before leaving on your trip so that you can find some great things to see that are near where you will be staying.

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